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Bosnia was a country I only visited briefly, but both these hostels knocked it out of the park and should not be missed
CityHostelPrice at time of BookingRatingProsConsDate of VisitBooking Link
MostarMajda's Hostel4 Bed Dorm: 16 Dollars10/10Incredible hostel. Amazing homecooked breakfasts and sometimes dinner. Spa like bathrooms. Super social. Great Location. Don't miss the backpacker tour run by Majda's brother. It's incredible.Nothing at allSeptember 6th 2013Hostel Majda's
SarajevoHostel City Center Sarajevo10 Bed Dorm: 14 CAD9/10Great hostel in the center of Sarajevo. Spacious with tons of chill out space and a very social atmosphere.Nothing to say.September 17th 2013Hostel City Center
This is a breakdown of all the hostels I have recently stayed in in Croatia. If it's included on this list I had a good stay there.
CityHostelsPrice at time of VisitRatingProsConsDate VisitedBooking Site
DubrovnikHostel Dubrovnik Sunset4 Bed Dorm- 18.50 CAD7.5/10Comfortable beds, shuttle buses into the city, Great hiking nearby.Half an hour outside of Dubrovnik, so you go in for the whole day or not at allAugust 31stHostel Dubrovnik Sunset
SplitBackpackers Fairytale4 Bed Dorm- 17.50 CAD8.5/10Good location just outside the old town. Friendly staff and nice dorm roomsA lot of stairs to the hostel. Atmosphere could be more socialSeptember 19th 2013Backpackers Fairytale
SibenikHostel Splendido Sibenik8 bed dorm- 19.008/10Great location in the center of town. Easy access to bus to Krka falls. Bar downstairs.When I was there it was almost empty, so not very socialSeptember 23rd 2013Hostel Splendido
ZagrebHostel Swanky Mint9 Bed Dorm -19.50 CAD9/10Great Staff. Very social. Full Kitchen. Great bar near reception.Dorms are a bit sparse and sterile but still comfy.September 28th 2013Hostel Swanky Mint
Here is a list of the small hotels and hostels I stayed in during my three trips to Greece. I make no guarantees, but I have a hard time imagining you having a bad time in any of these places.
CityHostelPrice at Time of StayRatingProsConsDate of VisitBooking Link
AthensCity Circus Athens6 Bed Dorm- 24 CAD9/10Great rooftop view of the Acropolis. Good staff, comfy dorms and very social.Hard to find. October 21st 2012City Circus Athens
ChaniaRooms 47Double Room - 28 8/10Kind Family Hosts. Comfy and clean room. Good location.A little difficult to find. October 9th 2013Rooms 47
ChaniaKydonia RoomsTwin Room- 35 CAD 7.5/10Old building full of charm. Great Location.A little run down. Beds a little hard.March 29th 2013Kydonia Rooms
Chania (outskirts)Sea View AparthotelTwin Room- 42 CAD 7.5/10Kitchenette in the Room. Nice Views. Clean.Out of the way, hard to find, and a decent walk to town.April 3rd 2013Sea View ApartHotel
ChaniaMme BassiaTwin Room - 35 CAD 8.5/10Friendly owner, nice rooms, small balcony.Can be slightly noise at night.April 1st 2013Mme Bassia
HeraklionHeraklio Youth Hostel10 Bed dorm - 14 CAD7/10Cheap and Good Location. Lots of space.A little dirty and run down.October 13th 2013Heraklio Youth Hostel
IoaninaHotel King PyrosTwin Room - 40 CAD6.5/10Good location close to lots of cheap Gyros. Clean Room.No atmosphere and staff only so so.October 29th 2012King Pyrros
Kalambaka (Meteora)Alsos HouseTwin Room - 45 CAD8.5/10Great location in the shadow of Meteora. Friendly Owner. Good Breakfast.A little expensive, especially if you book ahead.October 23rd 2012Alsos House
KissamosRevekka Bed and BreakfastTwin Room - 40 CAD per room7.5/10Spacious Rooms. Good Location.Only one key so I was locked out for a while. Staff only there sometimes.April 2ndRevekka B&B
Kos TownNitsa RoomsSingle Room - 22.50 CAD8/10Friendly host. Convenient store downstairs. Good location.Bathroom a little run downOctober 18th 2013Nitsa Rooms
Santorini (Perissia)Santorini Breeze Studios6 Bed Dorm - 12.50 CAD8/10Clean rooms. Cheap. Close to a black sand beach and good bakery.Not in the main towns of Santorini. Not much atmosphere, but in high season that would be different.October 15thSantorini Breeze Studios
ThessalonikiLittle Big House6 Bed Dorm- 21 CAD8.5/10Friendly Staff, Great Atmosphere, Comfy Dorms.Not quite central, but great views.October 9th 2013Little Big House
This is a breakdown of all the hostels I have recently stayed in in Italy. If it's included on this list I had a good stay there.
CityHostelsPrice at time of visitRatingPros ConsDate VisitedBooking link:
Giardini NaxosGianni House6 Bed Dorm- 17.00 Euros8/10Air conditioning and clean dorms. Close to the beach.Hard to find and the town itself is not my favourite placeAugust 2013Gianni House
NaplesGiovanni's Home8 Bed Dorm- 18.00 Euros9/10Giovani the Owner is incredibly friendly and will tell you tons of things to do in Naples. If you're lucky he'll cook for you. Good location, comfortable beds, good atmosphere. Could use a more comfortable social space.August 24th 2013Giovanni's Home
PalermoAl Quattro Canti6 bed dorm- 18.00 Euros9/10Run by some wonderfully welcoming Italians. A nice Kitchen to cook in, comfy beds and a stellar locationA little tricky to find. August 14th 2013Al Quattro Canti
PalermoA Casa di AmiciDorm Bed- 22 Euro 8/10Close to many shops and restaurants. Comfortable rooms and common areas. Good wifiStaff was nothing special during my stay.August 16th 2013A Casa De Amici
RomeHostel Lodi4 Bed Dorm- 19.5 Euros9/10Great location removed from the madness but close enough to walk to the best sights of Rome. Great Garden. Clean Dorms.Wifi worked only in some placesAugust 28th 2013Hostel Lodi
RomeFreedom Traveller6 Bed dorm - 24.00 euros7/10Very close to Termini train station. Good staff and comfortable beds.A little hard to find. Not the most social atmosphere when I was thereAugust 1st 2012Freedom Traveller
SiracusaB&B Globe TrotterPrivate Single with air-con 30 Euros9/10Fantastic Breakfast, Clean, Great location, and Good facilities.Not a hostel and therefor not very social. I got a special price, normally it is more expensiceJuly 7th 2012B&B Globe trotter
Taormina Hostel Taormina 8 bed dorm- 21.00 Euros10/10The best hostel in Italy. Amazing staff, perfect view, full kitchen, and great location Nothing! Go here!July 9th 2012
August 2013
Hostel Taormina
A list of all the Hostels and Hotels I enjoyed staying in during my three trips to Malta. I make no promises, but I certainly had a good time in these places.
CityHostelPrice At Time Of BookingRatingProsConsDate of VisitBooking Link
Valetta/St Julian'sBoho Hostel6 Bed Dorm 28.00 CAD8/10Very Social and Comfortable. Quiet location. Good staff.A little distance from the centre and up a decent sized hillJuly 28th 2013Boho Hostel
Valetta/St Julian'sBlue Sea St. George's PArkSingle Room - 12 CAD7/10Cheap, easy and fairly comfortable.Very much a hotel so no social atmosphere. Good location for clubbing, but a ways from other tourist activities.March 7th 2013Blue Sea St. George
GozoSt. Joseph Home HostelSingle Room 21 CAD
8 Bed Dorm: 19 CAD
8.5/10Cool old building full of strange decorations. Tons of space both indoors and outdoors. Right on the bus route to explore all of Gozo. Supermarket, restaurants, and a huge church close by.The single rooms are tiny, dorms are probably better. No keys to private room.30th July 2013St. Joseph Home Hostel
Xlendi Bay (Gozo)Hotel Xlendi Resort and SpaFull Suite- 34 CAD9/10Luxury resort with stunning rooftop views, multiple pools, and a helpful staff. Rooms are spacious and comfortable.In the offseason prices are reasonable, in the summer forget about it.March 8th 2013Hotel Xlendi Resort and Spa
MelliehaPanorama HotelDouble Room -36 CAD7.5/10Comfortable room with restaurant in Lobby. Great view and good location to explore the town. Close to ferry to Gozo. Good breakfast.Hard to find. A full hotel. Not a social atmosphere.January 17th 2013Panorama Hotel
My stay in this lovely country was all too brief. That said both hostels I stayed in were excellent and come highly recommended.
CityHostelPrice at time of BookingRatingProsConsDate of visitBooking link
KotorOld Town Hostel12 Bed Dorm - 18 CAD8.5/10Cool Old Building. Very Social. Great location. Excellent Tours.Big dorm can be a little loud.September 11th 2013Old Town Hostel
ZabljakHostel Hikers Den6 Bed dorm - 15 CAD9.5/10Amazing hosts. Great Dogs. So much information. Warm Cozy dorms. Very social. Great Location.Nothing.September 14th 2014Hostel Hikers Den
My Visit in Turkey was all too short, but I recommend all 5 of these hostels/hotels as well as the towns they are located in. If you're in Turkey don't miss Cappadocia!
CityHostel Price at time of BookingRatingProsConsDate of VisitBooking Link
BodrumSevin Hotel PensionSingle Room - 12.50 Cad8/10Cheap and great location. Good common areas for a hotel. Friendly staff.A little hard to find. Nothing truly special about the placeOctober 23rd 2013Sevin Hotel Pension
Goreme (Cappadocia)The Dorm Cave By TravellersBooked as Package from Istanbul. Current Price: Dorm Cave : 11 CAD8.5/10Stay in a cave in Cappodocia. Super cool social atmostphere. Great views. comfortable dorms.Staff is in and out. Only one dorm room when I was there.November 2nd 2013The Dorm Cave By Travellers.
IstanbulIstanbul Harmony Hostel6 Bed Dorm: 17 CAD9/10Great Location near Blue Moque and Haggia Sophia. good Food nearby. Great Rooftop Terrace. Comfortable Beds and Good Social Atmosphere.Occasionally they ran out of breakfast.October 26th 2013Istanbul Harmony Hostel
PammukaleAnatolia HotelBooked as Package from Istanbul. Current price: Dorm: 11 CAD
Single Room: 18 CAD
8/10Comfortable Beds. Outdoor pool. Great Location.Not very socialNovember 5th 2013Anatolia Hotel
Selcuk (Ephesus)Wallabies Victoria HotelBooked as Package from Istanbul. Current Price: Double Room 33 CAD7.5/10Comfortable rooms. Good restaurant. Decent location.You need a car or to take a bus to visit Ephesus or anything outside of townNovember 7th 2013Wallabies Victoria Hotel

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