A Brief Stay in Taganga

Date of Entry: January 5th 2017

Date of Writing: July 24th 2017

We arrive at Santa Marta international airport near midnight on the 4th tired out after several flight delays and ready to get our hotel.  Renata, whose suitcase was damaged on the flight in, is awarded a brand new one from Copa airlines on the way to the coast, but insists on keeping her old one two which means my backpack goes inside the suitcase and I stop being a backpacker for the next week and a bit very much against my will.  The damaged suitcase ends up cutting Renata, and being a big pain in the ass but oh well, these things happen.  An Uber ride from the airport later and we find out that our hotel is quite an uphill walk on a dirt track filled with holes, far from ideal for two suitcase travellers.

Renata is less than thrilled but refuses my help as we get our hearts pounding and drag our stuff up this steep hill for the next twenty minutes or so before finally making it to a nice room and a warm welcome, but it’s a hard walk and leaves us in a bad mood for the night.

The next morning though at least we wake up to a terrific breakfast and an incredible view.  For me this explains why people stay here, we just weren’t quite prepared for the walk, Renata though is passionate and hates the people for being silly enough to open a hostel like this.  I agree they could have communicated the severity of the walk more effectively but still the view is beautiful.

Heading back down the hill to catch a bus to our next destination leaving Taganga (A once small traditional fishing town turned backpacker’s drug fuelled playground)  behind for the less spoiled coast north east of Santa Marta just Beyond Tayrona National Park  Renata plays the Brazilian Diva and we once again dread our suitcases as we struggle to make it down to the main road where we catch a bus to Santa Marta and then another bus towards La Brisa Tranquila, a backpackers beach getaway that will be our home for the next three days or so.

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