Setting Sail on The Caribbean to San Blas

Date of Entry: January 12th 2017

Date of Writing: August 26th 2017

After a restless night spent sleeping in our cabin on the boar, the Amande II  gently rocking back and forth in the harbour we finally set sail as the sun comes up and together we emerge from our cabin to say goodbye to Colombia.  I hope it won’t be too long before we get to come back.  The caribbean coast gives us a beautiful day to say goodbye to and i snap pictures from the back of the boat, while Mani, the Spanish Water dog explores the ship, making Renata feel pretty insecure.  But my goodness she looks beautiful smiling.

We continue north into the caribbean past several small islands and some old forts, as we come out more towards the open ocean the water gets choppier and Renata retires to our cabin while I try to battle the queasiness outside.  The waves are nothing compared to my voyage to Antarctica but for whatever reason they get the best of me, and for rest of our near 30 hour journey to San Blas Archipelago,  I’m left sick, throwing up, and unable to eat anything.

The sickness doesn’t leave me too worried, it’s just seasickness, it will pass, though it does make the journey excruciatingly long, tucked away in our little cabin, Renata worried sick about me and not feeling great herself.  I got sick on my way to antarctica but my body adjusted in about 12 hours then about 4 on the way back, sadly on this trip that’s not to be, and maybe it’s because I wasn’t needed to sail the boat, and so could afford to be seasick,  either way, by hour 20 I’m starting to wonder if San Blas is really going to be worth it.  It’s an expensive trip… and It hurts to pay 550 USD each and then be sick for 26 hours.  But travel has taught me to keep an open mind, and keep exploring until you find the gems, hopefully San Blas is famous for a reason, and hopefully I’ll get better and have the time of my life with Renata on these idyllic islands.

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