San Blas Day 3

Date of Entry:  January 15th 2017

Date of Writing: September 20th 2017

The day starts with a huge moment.  Something massive.  Something I never thought would happen. Something world shattering.  Renata, of her own free will, makes friends with a dog.  She explains to Mani why she’s scared and the dog calmly sits and listens and Renata decides that our little on boar Spanish water dog is a friend after all.  If you know Renata, you’d never of thought this would be possible.  So here’s some pictures for proof.

We hang out on deck for a while as we sail leisurely to our last group of islands our captain has picked for us to visit.  The sailing is smooth going and the sun is beaming down on us, the heat softened by the consistent and powerful ocean breeze.  As we approach another small cluster of glistening white sand palm covered islands I smile.  San Blas is as advertised, tropical paradise, though I would have liked to learn more about the people who make these islands their home.

New friendship cemented with  Mani it’s time to head to shore for our last day on the islands that are just unbelievably beautiful.  This island is a bit bigger than yesterday’s  and so gives us a whole lot more space to wander around in solitude on this Caribbean gem.  It’s gorgeous and the beaches have actual waves, so naturally, I go take a swim.

As we wander further from the bar and restaurant area where the rest of our group is chilling the island only grows more and more beautiful, idyllic yet also rough and a little rawer than the other islands we’ve stopped at.  I think it’s my favourite of the few we’ve stopped at. I think it’s worth noting you could easily spend a few month’s discovering all the islands in the archipelago.

As we round one corner of the island we come to one practically tall and impressive grove of palm trees growing out right next to the ocean and as Renata goes in to cool off I find some nice angles and snap some photos I’m quite pleased with.  Renata is a willing and beautiful model for me and looking at this photos now makes me swell with pride that such a gorgeous and amazingly strong woman would choose to marry me.

Eventually we keep walking around the island just in utter awe of the colours of the water and the wind whistling through the palm trees. Finally as we near the bar area again having circled the island we head into one of the denser palm groves and I almost forget how close we are to the ocean and the white sand surrounded by the overwhelming green.  But the warm sand on my feet as we follow the path reminds me exactly where we are in the nicest way.

As we walk past the channel where at least a few dozen sailboats have dropped anchor, including one flying the Brazilian flag which pleases Renata no end, so we pose for a few pictures.  Brazil is beginning to feel like my country too, so when I see the flag i do feel a bit proud.  As a Canadian I never really believed I’d be starting a life in Brazil one day.  And now it’s a reality.

In the late afternoon we head back to the boat and spend our last evening there enjoying another delicious dinner and again opting not to go party on the island, which I’m sure would have been sort of fun, but since Renata and I don’t drink or smoke and we’re feeling tired and just wanting to spend time together we stay on board and savour the feeling of sitting up on deck in paradise watching the sun slowly dance across the sky.

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