Three Days at La Brisa Tranquila on the Colombian Caribbean Coast

Date of Entry:  July 6th to 9th 2017

Date of Writing: August 1st 2017

We arrive at La Brisa Tranquila after a tiring but much flatter walk from the main road where the bus leaves us.  We end up catching a ride with a taxi driver whose headed there anyway and quickly check in to our beach hut which is literally a small hut, right on the beach, with a double bed on the floor and a fan mounted to the wall with a curtain for the door.  Simple, comfy, private and perfect.  And even on a very cloudy day the beach that continues all the way to palomino  (where I visited in my first trip to Colombia)  isn’t half bad either.

We enjoy some truly delicious food from the Brisa Tranquila restaurant  to end off the day and head to bed in our cozy and somewhat isolated little beach hut the sound of the Caribbean rolling into the sandy beach lulling us to sleep.  The breakfast we wake up to is even better me enjoying a delicious burrito to start the day, thrilled to see a bluer sky which makes the entire coastline and adjacent jungle sparkle under the sunlight.

Renata and I set out late it the morning and walk for a good long while having a great time together on the deserted beaches of the Colombian coast swimming and walking, and making dog friends who Renata wishes would leave us alone.  The water is the perfect degree of cool and it’s an amazing day.

On our way back to La Brisa Tranquila we find a giant net set up about 10 meters elevated from the beach amidst the lush palm trees from a neighbouring resort and climb on up, though Renata runs into some hilarious problems when it comes to getting out of the hammock resulting in a two minute video she won’t authorize me to publish which is a really a shame.  Still the views up there are incredible, the Colombian coast of Paradise is a pretty good representation of the traditional desert island paradise, palm trees, white sand, hot sun, and blue ocean.  It’s definitely an area of the world I could spend a long while in quite happily.

The next day is more of the same, delicious food, beautiful beach walks, lots of time together relaxing, and really just pure perfection.  We take another long beach walk this time heading in the direction of Parque Tayrona to see what that section of the beach has to offer and to enjoy our few days of relaxation in paradise.  The food is so good, the beach so nice, and the sunsets so lovely that we opt to not bother visiting Parque Tayrona the next day and instead stay and eat well and relax on the beach.  It’s not my usual style of travel but with Renata by my side and just for a few days it does not disagree with me.

On our walk Renata also starts rolling around in the waved because she’s awesome like that, laughing as the white ocean phone rolls her all around the beach, it produces some pretty amusing, and pretty beautiful photos.

The next day is just more walks on the beach and more delicious food which I somehow forgot to photograph.  But I think you get the idea, palm trees, swimming, driftwood washed up on the beach, and the beautiful tranquil solitude of an almost empty beach.

The Caribbean coast is a romantic and beautiful place and I have to say I enjoy it much more this time around with Renata by my side.  I wish we’d had more time here to allow for a little adventure heading up to the Guajira desert (my favourite place in Colombia)  or even a quick heat break in Minca but as is  we’ve got no time and it’s on to Cartagena for a few days before our much anticipated 5 day sailing voyage through the San Blas Islands to Panama.  I’m very excited to get back to the sailboat lifestyle after my amazing month onboard the Spirit of Sydney exploring Antarctica which you can read about in the Antarctica section of the blog.

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